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11 May 2006: The project of Prime Transport Limited which aims at assembly/manufacture of Black Cabs of U.K., in Pakistan and operations thereof in all major cities as Satellite Controlled Taxi Service was considered at the high level meeting on President's Special Initiatives on Investment, which was jointly chaired by the President and the Prime Minister of Pakistan on May 10th. All concerned Ministries/Departments were directed to finalize the permissions and sanctions required and to remove the impediments within maximum period of 10 days for implementation of the project. The Civil Aviation Authority has agreed to provide parking space and booking offices at all domestic and international airports for operations of Black Cabs. The Chief Executive of Prime Transport Limited, who was present in the meeting, was advised to ensure that the operations of the Satellite Controlled Taxi Service are started within the period from mid June to July this year.

Prime Transport Limited envisages importing the vehicles in CBU form to commence the operations within the stipulated time. No sooner that the land is handed over to Prime Transport Limited the civil works and erection of car assembly plant will be taken in hand to assemble the vehicle locally for continuous augmentation in the fleet. With a view to commence operations in several cities within the minimum possible time Prime Transport may bring in the idea of franchise in Public Transport System, without compromising on the quality standard of services.

The Black Cab is only purpose built taxi, wherein all aspects of convenience and safety have taken care of It has seating capacity of six passengers with considerable leg space. It is fitted with wheel chair ramp enabling the patients and disabled to conveniently board and travel in their wheel chairs. PTL envisages linking the operations with a Central Dispatch Centre containing state of-the-art instruments of communications, tracking and monitoring of the vehicles. This will ensure safe, economical, reliable and convenient transportation to the commuters. The cabs will be available on telephone call, SMS or e-mail. In order to provide maximum safety and confidence to ladies and children, the Dispatch Center will keep constant monitoring of vehicle through surveillance cameras and tracking system the vehicle will be fitted with mobile data terminals, seat and door sensors, Corporate & Credit Cards readers for smart payment. The digital meters will be free from control of drivers and would not admit any tempering to ensure economy for the commuters.