Prime Transport Limited Project

PTL's organization-wide commitment to exceptional service will be second to none. We will hold ourselves to the highest service standards and will institute more corporate measures than any other public transport company in the country to ensure consistently superior service.

Precision and Performance

PTL will enforce strict performance standards for reservations, operations and vehicle maintenance. With its National Network - the industry's only nationwide franchise network of its kind - PTL will guarantee consistent economical, reliable, safe and comfortable service standards countrywide and we will conduct on-site audits to ensure compliance according to the PTL's standards manual.

PTL will maintain the highest level of accountability and will provide the most intensive training for all its ambassadors (drivers). Before drivers become "Prime Ambassadors", they undergo thorough background investigations and must also undergo extensive and ongoing certification and safety training, including our intensive Prime Ambassadors Certification Program . PTL will take its commitment to superior service even further with the industry's most comprehensive Quality Assurance Programs. Programs such as the "Listen In" and Next-Day QA customer surveys will help maintain our unequalled level of professionalism.

Personalized Service

Personalized service will be PTL's priority. We will take every measure to provide you with economical, reliable, safe and comfortable travel services. Our Nationwide Reservation System and Web-based e-Reservation Service will let you arrange Prime Cab for personal and business travel, school drop-offs, meetings, events, and private parties - customized to your specifications. PTL's reservation will specialise and query & dispatch representatives will be available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Prime Ambassadors will be courteous, consummate professionals who will set industry standard for impeccable service, expertise and knowledge. The Prime Cab Fleet will feature only the highest quality, euro IV - latest-model luxury vehicles - exclusively designed and manufactured as Taxis.

Community Service

PTL takes community very seriously and would like to give back to the community and will not leave any measure or miss an opportunity in doing so. Once fully operational we intend to work hand in hand with the local administration of the city of operations in improving its traffic and roads network with its 100% cost paid solely by PTL. We will also design, erect and help maintain security / speed cameras on all major roads and intersections of city it operates in, while shouldering the cost of traffic police modernization; another first in Changing the Culture, making our roads safe and comfortable.