Company History

Prime Transport Limited (PTL) established in 2004 as a public limited company, with its registered office and principle place of business in Karachi – Pakistan, under the Companies Ordinance 1984. To own and operate all modes of public transport in the country and to cater the ever-growing needs of public transport and to revolutionize the chronic state of this industry in Pakistan.

PTL's competitive edge will lie in its innovative technology, value-added services, capitalizing on its substantially resourceful technology partners, competent team and its visionary management to achieve excellence and leadership in the industry.

From the time of incorporation, PTL has not only played key role in getting transportation recognized as an industry by the federal government but was also soley responsible for drafting the transport policy (proposed) for the federal government.

In the private sector we have worked aggressively to develop awareness in both (community and commerce), for a well designed & developed public transport industry, which was never done before and was extraterrestrial since independence. But we know this is just a starter and there is so much more to be done.

We rely on developing sound partnerships with experienced companies that would have the technical, managerial and market know-how to empower our mutual teams. PTL is indeed set to become a leading player in the country's economy, as it firmly lays out a sound infrastructure for long-term national and regional prosperity.