About Prime Transport Limited

Prime Transport Limited (PTL) will be more than the world's leading public transport company. Our team of professionals committed to enabling your success by delivering a highly personalized level of service that exceeds your expectations. Our objective is nothing less than mission-critical reliability - a level of consistency and safety that is second to none in the industry.

Whatever the situation, we strive to do more. That means anticipating what you really need and doing everything we can to make it happen. Doing more for you demands a passion for going above and beyond - one customer at a time.

That's why we are builting the Prime System , an integrated nationwide network of certified PTL franchises that operates according to PTL's rigorous standards. Through the Prime System, we can assure unparalleled and consistent service throughout the country.

We are passionate about serving our commuters better, which is why we strive for technological leadership, whether in the form of advance online reservation capabilities or innovations that turns a Prime Cab into a moving luxury. Thats why we will institutionalize a culture of world-class service through a variety of quality control and assurance programs. It's why we will train, certify and constantly evaluate every Prime Ambassador.

At PTL, our promise is simple: To provide superior service that drives success “Changing the Culture”.