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PTL to Consider Operations after Studying Incoming Government’s Economic Policies

5 June 2013: Prime Transport Limited (PTL) today announced that, due to change in country’s political landscape and its subsequent positive effect on economy, we will consider Black Cab's implementation and enforcement in the country after studying incoming government’s economic policies.

Transport is one of the basic infrastructures which plays a significant role in the socio economic development of any country. We all know transportation system in general provides movement to millions of people beyond walking distance every day for all sorts of purpose such as economic, social, educational, culture or recreational.

It also acts as a blood stream for the economy by performing the basic function of carriage of goods. With ever increasing economic activity, the need to travel has increased exceptionally, thereby making ineffective mobility a major cost to the nation both in social and economic term.

With increase in population, improvement in urban transportation mode are mandatory, whether it is by land, by air or by sea, it plays a great role in the development of a country.

It is evident from the incoming government past performance in city of Lahore, that they are willing to pay due attention to the chronic need of domestic urban transport structure, like all developed nations, special attention to the importance to all modes of transport will be paid on country level in general and to PTL particular and our efforts of Changing the Culture of country’s public transport will be given consideration.

For any inquiries / updates or the current status of the project; please write us at Info@ptl.com.pk