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Prime Transport Ltd., (PTL) was for quite some time working on a plan of operating Satellite Controlled Taxi Service in all major cities of Pakistan. In this connection a meeting was recently held between Mr. Abdul Sami Khan, Chairman, Mr. M. Dawood Khan, Chief Executive, Prime Transport Limited and the Directors of LTI Vehicles Ltd., United Kingdom who are the Largest British owned Vehicle manufacturers. It was mutually resolved that LTI Vehicles will join Prime Transport as its join venture partner to set up a Car Assembly Plant in Pakistan, preferably in close vicinity of Karachi, wherein the famous ‘Black Cab' operating as a purpose built Taxi in London will be assembled from the CKD kits to be supplied by LTI Vehicles, U.K.

PTL will also act as sole distributor for export of these Taxis to Middle East, other Asian Countries & Africa. PTL intends to operate Satellite Controlled Taxi Service through out Pakistan to provide safe, efficient, personalized, reliable and economical transport service to the commuters at their door steps. With this objective in mind the proposed taxi will be fitted with instruments of latest technology such as Satellite Controlled Tracking System, Seat & Door Sensors, Electronic Meters, Camera, Corporate and Credit Card Readers . The Taxi Service will be available at the door steps of the commuters against a telephone call or SMS.

PTL is itself sponsored by non-resident Pakistanis who have substantial business interests abroad. By joining hands with LTI Vehicles, U.K., a sizeable foreign investment will be brought to Pakistan.

The project as envisaged in likely to create a large number of direct and indirect employment opportunities, besides contributing towards the Government of Pakistan's objective to provide dependable and economical public transport facilities to the people of Pakistan.