Chairman Message

Prime Transport promises a whole new taxi commuting experience. Once you will step into one of our Prime Cabs, you will immediately see the difference. We are committed to set a new milestone in the transport industry, with the Prime Concept of Total Customer Service and Satisfaction.

You will realize that our Prime Ambassadors (Drivers) have been specially trained to symbolize the true Pakistani spirit with their intimate knowledge of Pakistani roads.

From the roads to Pakistan culture, all of them are in Prime-form from being road Prime to having Prime attitudes. This will be reflected from their bowler hats to their etiquette, behaviour and conduct, earning them the right to be called Prime Ambassadors dedicated to delivering high level of quality service and commuting pleasure as well as Prime road sense and road safety for all road users.

As a source of information, Prime Ambassador will be pleased to act as the nation's tourist guides, catering to the visitors who visit our shore, deserts and heritage, charming them with in depth knowledge of Pakistan and its culture.

At the same time, you will enjoy the latest music video clips, news and more on our digital TVs en-route. And with the GPRS MDT call booking systems, a Prime Cab can be at your doorstep in as short time as possible. Thanks to the technology driven computerized operations.

Prime Cabs will undergo prompt, scheduled maintenance program to ensure that the live hood of our Prime Ambassadors are not affected as well as to ensure the maximum operating efficiency of our fleet.

I take this opportunity to thank our core support group(s), team of my directors, advisors, staff and all business partners. Last but not least, I would like to ensure taxi commuters a peace of mind while travelling as reflected in our Prime logo and also thank them in advance for their support to go “BLACK” because now that's the colour.

Abdul Sami Khan