Prime Ambassadors

PTL will be only of its kind transportation company in the country. Consistently delivering Economical, Reliable and Safe impeccable service across the country at all times. Providing full range of commuting experience, decided to exceed the expectations of our commuter all the time, every time. If you are committed to provide an unparalleled customer experience every day, please inquire about being Prime Ambassador at PTL.

Candidates must posses a valid driver's license and have lived in the local area in which he wishes to work for at least 1 year.

Candidates must be able to read, write, and speak Urdu and English language fluently.

Candidates must pass a mandatory drug screen at a facility determined by PTL prior to being offered a job / contract.

Candidates must be a current Pakistani citizen or Alien authorized to work in Pakistan.

Candidates must be able to provide documentation at the state of the process to establish identity and eligibility for contracting.

Candidates must have a safe driving record and may not have had (2) major violations in the past three years or 2 accidents in the past (4) years.